LPNO Membership Types

Active membership

Who Can Apply:   Active membership is open to any individual:

  • Employed as a legal secretary, legal assistant, paralegal, or legal administrator;

  • Employed by any court or government office;

  • Employed in the legal department of any public entity or private institution;

  • Holding public office; or

  • Licensed to practice law.

  • Benefits
  • Monthly membership meetings feature key speakers who touch on various aspects of the legal environment;

  • LPNO builds partnerships with attorneys, courts, and bar associations, which allows members the opportunity to gain prestige and recognition;

  • Networking opportunities with individuals who share similar interests, work ethics, and careers; and

  • Educational programs equip members with legal and operational procedures used in their everyday work environment.

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    Corporate membership

    Who Can Apply:   Corporate memberships are available to companies, businesses, corporations, or other entities, excluding law firms, with an interest in the members of this association and/or an interest in the legal field.

    Benefits:   Corporate members are recognized on LPNO’s website, and their promotional materials are included in our monthly newsletters. Also, corporate members gain access to our active membership base through appointed committee members. Essentially, you are closer to a network of individuals who routinely seek out the services that you offer.

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    Questions about membership?

    Contact Jennifer Taulli, Vice President.